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What makes good football clothing?

Good football clothing is attire that makes you think, “Yes, I can comfortably play sports in this.” There’s a lot of jargon thrown around like polyester, moisture-wicking, polyamides, and dry fit. Simply put, the perfect outfit is one that wicks away sweat, so you never end up with a wet shirt. Additionally, it’s essential that the clothing feels breathable, even in hot weather. You can also easily try pulling the fabric apart to see if it’s strong enough. This tests whether it would quickly tear from making slides and pulling on the shirt.

But now comes the most crucial part. The design of your football clothing is just as important. You often have a choice between two types of clothing. One is a standard shirt with a few colors onto which you can press a name and number. The other is a luxury outfit like the top clubs have, with beautiful patterns and colors printed on them. At TD, we make the second type of clothing, ensuring you always have a kit of the highest quality. Complete with the logos and colors you or your club want, and you’ll never have to deal with peeling letters and numbers again. Check out how it works here.

The warm-up

You naturally start every training session or game preparation with a tracksuit. Completely in the style of your club or team with your club logos. On warmer days, you skip this suit and start directly in your short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and football socks. If it’s a bit colder, it’s wise to choose a long-sleeved shirt, which you can also fully customize. If it’s really cold, wear a set of thermal clothing under your football clothing.

In short, as a footballer, you always have a tracksuit, a short set, thermal clothing, and a long-sleeved shirt. This way, you can play matches and train all year round.

Football socks

There are different types of football socks. Usually, they are simple socks in a standard color where you can tuck your shin guards behind. But if you want, you can also have custom socks made. This means you can have your own club logo and colors incorporated into the socks. Check out how it works here, but keep in mind that you’ll need to order at least 500 pairs of socks.

In terms of quality, it’s advisable to always go for higher-quality football socks. These are tighter, protect your legs during slides, and are less likely to tear easily. It’s better to spend an extra 5 euros per pair than to be annoyed at every training session or game.

Indoor football

Indoor football is, of course, a different branch of sport than regular field football. Ideally, this also requires different and more breathable clothing. At TD, we take this into account and make indoor football clothing from a lightweight mesh fabric. Both the shirts and pants are made of a mesh-like fabric. This allows you to release heat better and will feel much nicer when you’re playing intense games. You’ll never have to deal with sticky wet shirts, and the indoor football clothing is also durable. If your shirt is pulled during a match, it’s not an issue; it stays intact.

Additionally, the indoor clothing is also perfect for use as a training shirt in the summer on the field. Hundreds of teams are outfitted in this clothing each year, and you might be surprised that half of them use the indoor clothing as field football clothing. Simply because it’s more comfortable!

Goalkeeper clothing

As a goalkeeper, you’re part of the team, but your clothing is different. You wear long sleeves with often completely different colors and, of course, a different number. The beauty of sublimation is that you can print every outfit in the colors and designs you want. So you can also print your goalkeeper clothing in the most beautiful colors and patterns. Then you have a different pair of shorts and a shirt as a goalkeeper, but you’re still part of the team.

However, make sure that during colder days as a goalkeeper, you wear thermal clothing for your matches and training sessions. You stand still more often, and you need to prevent yourself from getting cold. And don’t forget to wear a comfortable tracksuit after every exertion. This completes your goalkeeper outfit for optimal performance.

Football Clothing Guide for Players | TD Sportswear (2024)


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