How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (2024)

How to make a v97 Maplestory Private Server

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Pre-Setting up
III.Required Programs
IV. How to install those "oh so difficult programs"
V. Java files, placements!
VI. Executing your SQL's
VII."Editing" your property files
VIII. Starting your server
IX.Editing your client, allowing your friends to play
X. FAQS,certain bugs, ect...


I. Introduction

So I might as well tell you who I am and why I'm here.​

You are probably all noticing my current low post-count. I had an old account on here like 2 years ago but I cannot remember the information, so I made this one. I have been on and off Maplestory since the day it came out, literally. I have been involved in numerous private servers, but I'm no "pro" I'm just not a "noob". I have been in the shoes of the frustrated people who cannot seem to get their private servers to work and you get all these errors ect. ect...

This guide will be extremely, and I mean extremely detailed on how to make a v97 private server. Do NOT skip any steps or feel like you know what you're doing, because if you wouldn't be using this tutorial.

The guide includes pictures. I am choosing v97 because people want to make the most popular "current" server that they can get their hands on. Since v97 is the most popular public source, I'll teach how to set it up. The pros and whoever is out there, please don't troll. I could be wrong on some things I say here, I do appreciate feedback, and constructive criticism so feel free to do that..(And I am aware of the bugs in this source, but getting a server to run for beginners is heaven for them). So... enough of my intro (if you even read it), lets get started!


II. Pre-Setting up

You may all thing that this is pointless, but you will thank me later when you're looking for things on your computer.

You NEED to create a folder(s) in a spot where you will be able to access and always find it.

Example: Start> Computer> C: > Program Files OR Program Files (x86). I prefer Program Files.

Make both of these folders,
C:\Program Files\Xeon v97 Private Server
C:\Program Files\Nexon v97

Note: If you have these folders already because you attempted to make one and got errors, this is what I suggest. If you are desperate enough to make a private server...restore your computer to factory settings and start all over, following these exact steps. Or don't do that and try to make a server again, it may work.

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III. Required Programs

Before downloading, you need to find out your Operating System (OS) Very important! For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users go to Start> Right click Computer> Properties Under system it will say "System Type" it will either say 32-bit or 64-bit.

Programs Download ALL of these, no matter what. Unless you think you already have them...uninstall them then re-download.

  • MySQL Query Browser [

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    ] Note: When I downloaded this, I couldn't find the download..if you have this problem go to "Downloads" IN YOUR BROWSER, find the MySQL installer you just downloaded, right click it and select find in folder. It should bring you to the installer.
  • JCE Unlimited Strength Files [

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    ] Credits again to XiuzSu for the download link. Place this folder/files on your DESKTOP!
  • Wampserver [

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    ] Note: The version to this doesn't matter...just download whatever version is there.
  • Localhost v97 [

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  • Xeon v97 (My slightly updated version) [

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    ] Note: This includes original v97 wz files <<. Credits to Veda for the "fixed one" and FakeJiki for the release, I just did some more simple fixes in it.
  • v97 SQL, with fixed potential tables (somewhat..ish) [

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    ] Place this on your desktop.

  • Maplestory v97 [

    You must be registered to see links

    ] Note:.. Do NOT download it yet, just open the link and I will explain what to do with it in the Installations step.

**Make sure when you're downloading the JDK that you select the correct Operating System (OS) 32/64 bit!


IV. Installation

Maplestory v97:
  • Click the link I provided above
  • Install the installer..I believe it installs the installer..if that makes sence
  • When it asks for you to select a destination, EXAMPLE: C:\Program Files\NEXON, if you have Maplestory in that destination already, change the path!! Change it to what I told you to earlier, C:\Program Files\ Nexon v97
  • The rest of the download will just do its thing, when the download is complete, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT EVER EVER EVER click the actual Maplestory icon, or the Gamelauncher, or the Patcher.exe If you click those, they will update your files and well then...your done. You can delete them if you want.

Installing MySQL Query Browser

Installing MySQL Query Browser is very very simple. Just run the installer and leave


as default.

Installing Wampserver

Make sure you install Wampserver at C:\wamp. Leave everything as default as well for this. This includes when it asks for your email and the localhost thing.

Instructions on how to turn on Wampserver...

  • Start Wampserver, if you are on Windows 7/Vista, run it as an administrator.
  • When Wampserver is open, (It doesn't open an actual box) go to the bottom right and find the "W" thing.
  • LEFT click it and select, "Put Online"
  • LEFT click again and select, "Restart all services"

In the end it should look like this: if yours does not look like this, then you did something wrong and your server/MySQL will NOT work. No matter what.

How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (2)

Installing the Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

When you have downloaded the

correct bit version

of the Java SE Devolopment Kit (JDK) the process is very simple. Just follow the instructions, I recommend that it downloads to C:\Program Files\Java.


V. Java File Placement

Earlier I told you to place the folder or the two strength files that you DOWNLOADED on your DESKTOP. Select both files and copy them. If you don't know how to select multiple files...hold CTRL and click both of them, then copy them.

Place them into these places, it may ask you to overwrite current files, it may not, if it does, COPY AND REPLACE. The JDK/JRE7 numbers might be different for you depending on you're version, don't worry about it.

C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib
C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib\ext
C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib\security
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\lib
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\jre\lib
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\jre\lib\ext
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\jre\lib\security

I'll explain what I mean about the JDK/JRE7 things. Some of you will say, "Hey mine isn't the same as 'jdk1.7.0_03" Well whatever number yours is..still place it in that folder. If you can count you will place the two strength files in three jre7 folders and four jdk1.7.0_03 or whatever number folders


VI. Executing your SQL

As of now there is only one SQL you will be executing for this source. This SQL is all you need for now until you start progressing with your server, then you can start making your own.

**Note: In order to open MySQL, you must start Wampserver and put it online.

Server Host: localhost
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: none, put nothing
Default Schema: none, put nothing

How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (3)

Instructions to executing:

  • Click "Ok" (picture above)
  • Click "Ignore" on Connection Diaglog box if it pops up.
  • On the top left select "File"
  • Now select "Open Script"
  • Find the SQL that you put on your desktop..
  • Click the green lightning bolt at the top that says "Execute"
  • You should get no errors, and wala your SQL execution is done!
  • Just kidding.
  • Go to your MySQL and select the table (in v97) "InventoryEquipment"
    [*] Right click and edit it
    [*] Scroll down to the bottom and find "Pot_stat, pot_stat2, pot_stat3, pot_stars, and pot_byte"
    [*] Change those to


     "potent1, potent2, potent3, pot_stars, potential"
  • You should have potential now.


VII. "Editing" your property files

First things first. The source I gave you and the way I have been teaching you to set things up is all at DEFAULT. Well guess what? So are the property files in the source. THIS IS VERY SIMPLE........

If you are just wanting to play by yourself, and you have done everything the way I have said to, leave these files alone you don't even need to mess with them.

How to edit the property files:

  • Open your source, click the src folder, then click constants, now open



 //Host info public static final String HOST = ""; // Ip here

Where it says, put your IP or HAMACHI IP there, ONLY if you want to play with friends. You WILL have to compile if you do this....COMPILING TUTORIAL!! READ IT!

During this you may get confused, when it says add jars you might say, "I have more JARS than that..?" Add all of them except lololol. MAKE SURE TO NAME THE PROJECT, "lololol". Without quotations. And after you compile you have to go find that JAR, it should be in Documents/NetbeansProject/dist or something like that, copy that lololol.jar and replace it with the one in the dist folder in your source.


VIII. Starting your server

If you notice in your source folder there are four batch files, "launch channel", "launch login", "launch world", and "launch server".

How to start your server:
  • Click the "launch_server" batch file and wait.
  • ***If that gives you errors try this,
  • Select "launch_world"
  • Wait until it says "World online".
  • Now select both "launch_login" and "launch_channel" (It might take a little bit for them to start doing stuff, be patient)

How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (4)


Editing your client, allowing your friends to play

  • You must be registered to see links

How to use the Hex Editor with your client:
  • Download the hex editor, it will be in a .zip and just extract the "XVI32.exe" file and run it.
  • Open XVI32, the Hex editor
  • At the top left select File>Open, and now select your localhost
  • Now click search>find, select text string and search for ""

How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (5)

I know my client says v83, I didn't want to mess with my v97 one, the symbols might be different but just ignore that. You need to replace all three instances of "" with your IP or your Hamachi IP.

Credits to Xerixe for the XVI32.exe link

**Note: If you do this you will have to edit your ServerConstants, and re-compile.



How to create an account, since it doesn't come with one..

  • Open MySQL
  • File> New Script
  • Insert this code


    INSERT INTO accounts(name, password, banreason, gm, macs, nxCredit)VALUES('admin', 'admin', '', '5', '', '50000')
  • Execute this script (make sure you click the v97 database)
  • This will create an account with the username, admin, a password, admin, yeah its not sha-1 but it will work for now. It will also make you a level 5 GM.


  • How do I set-up an account?.......Look step
  • Can I play with friends?..........Yes.
  • What are the features?............I will list them below.
  • I get a bunch of errors when I try to launch my server. You didn't compile correctly, or your JCE Strength files are messed up.
  • Do I need a redirector?...........Nope.
  • How good is this source?.............It's very very bugged.



Features: -Potential somewhat works. -Enchantment somewhat works. -Some mounts work...maybe? -Magnifying Glasses work. -Many GM commands, some are a little buggy. To get an item its, !item <amount> <Item Name> -Player commands, some work. -Parties work! -Cash shop works, DC on exit though. -Gachapon..might work? -All chats work. -Auto max skills. -Scissors of Karma work, DC after use though. Bugs: -Potential normally 2 lines. -Enchantment is buggy, if an item is destroyed you can't click anything, requires relog. -Quests extremely buggy, working on fixing it. -Mobs freeze... -Mobs sometimes hit 27,000. -Not sure if PQ's work. -On first login, you DC most of the time, requires relaunch of client. -MTS doesn't work -DC on Cash Shop exit -DC on use of Scissors of Karma -Some error code 38's. -Pretty sure Mechs don't work.. -Resistant skills..? -I'm pretty sure eventually you can't advance past Blade Specialist. -A lot of NPC's aren't coded or don't work. -Begginer skills can't add sp after 1..(spExtend..?) Fixes: -Parties work now. -Took out the exploit in FM that gives you whatever you want. -Some mounts work..? -Fixed mp potions -Took out the Christmas effect (not a fix). -Somewhat potential -Somewhat Enchantment + Magnify -A few NPC fixes... -Some quest acceptance fixes, maybe... -


Thanks for taking your time to read this. I hope it helped.

-XiuzSu for some download links
-Veda for releasing the "fixed" source.
-FakeJiki for the original release (that I took atleast).
-Xerixe for the Hex Edit program link.

Please thank this thread How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (6).. credits go to me for making this guide, all screen shots, ect.

Please post pictures of you in-game so I can add them to the guide! Give me constructive criticism, please don't flame.

How to set-up a v97 server using Xeon v97, extreme beginners friendly! (2024)


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