Vegan Recipes from Austria (2024)

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For a such a small country, the fame of Austrian cuisine has spread far and wide. From the iconic Schnitzel to the classic Apple Strudel, traditional Austrian cuisine is not exactly known to be very vegan-friendly - until now!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (1)

We’ve done all the hard work and figured out the easy way to veganise many of Austria’s best dishes. In this collection, you’ll find a vegan Austrian recipe for every occasion. But first, let us tell you what Austrian food is all about...

Austrian Cuisine

Most of what is now called Austrian cuisine had its origin in other parts of Europe. Countries, which used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Empire. Schnitzel came from Italy, goulash from Hungary…

The Austrians took recipes from all over their territory and made them their own. In the same spirit, we took a bunch of selected Austrian recipes and adapted them to make them our own - and deliciously vegan of course!

Simplified, Austrian food comes in two classes: Outrageously indulgent and expensively extravagant, or humble and down-to-earth. The latter would rely on widely available and seasonal ingredients, such as potatoes, cabbage, greens and root vegetables. Often enough, such staples would also find their way into more sophisticated dishes for Sundays and special occasions.

Many of our vegan Austrian recipes use the most simple ingredients and transform them into something incredibly delicious and indulgent.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (2)

Being Vegan in Austria

"The interest in veganism is steadily increasing in Austria. Currently, 9.5 % of the population live vegetarian (including vegan) and 1.2 % live purely vegan."

Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich

Growing up in Austria usually means being used to a diet based heavily on animal products. Becoming vegan was therefore all the more difficult for Paul, who took great culinary pleasure in traditional Austrian cuisine. But this is what motivated us to make fantastic vegan versions of traditional Austrian dishes!

Nowadays, Paul can be a happy vegan and still enjoy Schnitzel, Strudel and more! Whether you are Austrian, traveling in Austria, or simply want to get a taste of this beautiful country, in this collection you'll find healthier, more planet friendly and cruelty free Austrian recipes for you to try!

Mahlzeit! *

Sophie and Paul

* That's like bon appetit in Austrian!

Vegan Austrian Recipes

The Austrian Empire is long gone, but its cuisine lives on! As we work our way through the Austrian cuisine and adapt our favourite meals for a vegan diet, our list just keeps on growing. Dive into indulgent cakes, yummy savoury comfort food and our vegan versions of Austrian classics such as Schnitzel and Strudel!

Austrian Main Dishes

Vegan Recipes from Austria (3)

Vegan Schnitzel

You could call Schnitzel the National Dish of Austria - every restaurant in Austria serves it. So of course, we had to come up with an AWESOME vegan schnitzel recipe! It's crispy and tender and 100% plants!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (4)

Austrian Potato Goulash {Kartoffelgulasch}

Borrowed from Hungarian Cuisine, this goulash is full of deep paprika flavour. Top with cubes of smoked tofu to make this meal complete. A yummy comfort food for lunch or dinner.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (5)

Wild Chanterelle Mushroom Goulash

Chanterelles are known as Eierschwammerl in Austria. And when mushroom season arrives, every Austrian guest house and mountain hut is likely to have them on the menu! This rich goulash makes the most of this seasonal speciality.

This breakfast scramble is based on a tradition farmer's dish in Austria - a gröstl is a fry up that gives a second life to leftovers from the day before, usually potatoes or dumplings. Adding things like seasonal wild mushrooms gives this dish a special touch!

Austrian Soups

Soups are often served as a starter, so when the main dish arrives, the worst of the hunger is dealt with. These Austrian soup specialities, however, do in no way play a support role!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (7)

Creamy Chanterelle Soup

Chanterelles are our favourite mushroom to forage in the Austrian countryside. This creamy chanterelle soup lets their flavour shine and makes a perfect stater to a meal, or a light lunch. Best served with rye sourdough bread!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (8)

Creamy Wild Garlic Soup

In Spring, there's another wild food on the menu - Bärlauch or wild garlic. This creamy wild garlic soup is fresh and flavoursome!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (9)

Super Seedy Wholemeal Sourdough Bread

What is a bread doing in soup recipes? It makes for a perfect companion to any Austrian soup or stew!

Bread in Austria is completely different to that light fluffy stuff you find in the UK or US. Rye flour is often used which creates a darker, denser and delicoius bread. This super seedy sourdough is the bread we bake whenever we want a real loaf of bread!

Austrian Cake Recipes

In Austria, coffee and cake is a big thing. No surprise that there are many different types of cakes! Whether it's a seasonal cake with fresh fruit or a rich and dark chocolate cake - they are all sinfully tasty!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (10)

Easy Vegan Sachertorte - Viennese Chocolate Cake

The most famous cake from Austria is the Sachertorte. Transport yourself to a Viennese cafe with a slice (or two!) of this decadently delicious vegan chocolate cake.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (11)

Vegan Apricot Cake - Marillenkuchen

Apricot cake is the highlight of summer in Austria. We discovered an awesome trick to veganise this famous Austrian cake - come and discover what it is!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (12)

Vegan Redcurrant Meringue Tart - Ribiselkuchen

We thought it was going to be tough to veganise this redcurrant cake, which is often served as a teatime treat. But with the magic ingredient of aquafaba, it's not that tricky at all. Fun fact: Austrians call the meringue topping "Schnee" aka snow!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (13)

Austrian Plum Cake

Sheet cakes, made on a large baking tray rather than a tin, are commonly made in Austria. This vegan sponge is generously covered in soft, juicy plums. Such a great cake to enjoy in Autumn!

Austrian desserts and sweet treats

In case you haven't noticed yet - sweet cuisine has huge tradition in Austria. People there regularly have a sweet meal as a main course! Crazy? Or do they just know what's good? See for yourself!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (14)

Vegan Apple Strudel - From Scratch!

Probably the most iconic sweet dish from Austria, it is easily made vegan by using oil instead of butter. We show you the traditional way of stretching the pastry paper thin before it is filled with tasty apples and toasted breadcrumbs. If you haven't tasted the apple strudel, you haven't tasted Austria!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (15)

Vegan Apple Fritters {Austrian Apfelspalten}

Suitable as a main meal.

Another sweet dish using apples. In Austria, it is often eaten as a main course. Slices of apples coated in a simple batter and fried in a pan. It is easy and down to earth, but tastes almost too naughty to count towards your five a day! It's perfect topped with cinnamon sugar.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (16)

Vegan Apricot Dumplings - Marillenknödel

Suitable as a main meal.

These sweet dumplings are a classic Austrian dish. Our vegan apricot dumplings are made with an easy potato dough, and covered in sweet toasted breadcrumbs. Come and discover why these Marillenknödel are a family favourite in every Austrian kitchen.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (17)

Vegan Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian Pancake Speciality)

Suitable as a main meal.

Vegans can now keep it like the Kaiser... with this light and fluffy scrambled sweet pancake. Kaiserschmarrn must not be missing in a list of classic Austrian recipes. Rounded off by the flavours of raisins, fruit compote, and a generous sprinkle of icing sugar!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (18)

Mohnnudeln (Sweet Poppy Seed Potato Noodles)

Suitable as a main meal.

This dish is a speciality of the Waldviertel in Austria, where they grow poppies. These delicious Mohnnudeln are made from potato and covered in a sweet poppy sugar.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (19)

Austrian Apricot Jam Carnival Doughnuts (Faschingskrapfen)

Deep-fried and jam-filled doughnuts are the perfect thing to sweeten up the cold season. Traditionally eaten only in 'carnival season' from 11 November to the beginning of lent in February. Every Austrian child loves this seasonal treat!

Vegan Recipes from Austria (20)

Vegan Vanillekipferl Crescent Cookies

These crescent shaped cookies are oh so yummy! No Christmas is complete in Austria without a huge tin full of these melt in your mouth vanillekipferl.

Austrian Preserves

There's a big tradition for preserving in Austria. Cellars are filled with shelves stacked with jars full of jam, compote, pickles... Here's a few of our favourite Austrian preserves that we love to stock up on and enjoy throughout the year.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (21)

Apricot Jam - Austrian Marillenmarmelade

Apricots are a speciality of the Wachau region in Austria. This is the best jam in the world, according to anyone who has ever tried it. Not too sweet, but full of fruit. Perfect for pancakes, your breakfast bread - or to spoon straight from the jar (it really is that good).

Vegan Recipes from Austria (22)

Wild Plum Compote - Easy and Quick Recipe

Wild plums are abundant in Austria. There's something wonderful about going out to gather a big bowlful of fruit - completely free! This wild plum compote makes a delicious dessert, as well as going amazingly with our Vegan Kaiserschmarrn.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (23)

The Best Homemade Elderflower Cordial

On a hot day in Austria, there's nothing more refreshing than a glass of Hollersaft aka Elderflower Cordial. Every Spring you can find Oma's across the country making big batches of this delicious flower syrup.

Vegan Recipes from Austria (2024)


Is Austria good for vegans? ›

Veganism In Austria

It's easy to be vegan in Austria since nearly 10% of the people in Austria are either vegetarian or vegan. We hope you will enjoy our vegan guide to Austria! Though the local diet is heavy on meat and cheese, nearly every regular restaurant will have vegetarian or vegan options.

Is there vegetarian food in Austria? ›

Vienna for vegetarians: The Austrian capital is embracing plant-centric cuisine, one mushroom schnitzel at a time. Once famed for their schnitzels and sausages, Viennese chefs are embracing vegan and vegetarian cuisine, with harvests coming straight from the city farms.

Which country is #1 for vegans? ›

India. Three of India's major religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism — teach the practice of ahimsa, or non-violence towards all beings. Because of this religious tradition, India has the highest percentage of vegetarians out of all the countries in the world.

Are McDonald's fries vegan in Austria? ›

Europe vs the USA. Unlike the McDonald's branches in the United States, the fries from European restaurants are entirely vegan and have the Vegetarian society's approval. They use potatoes and a mixture of rapeseed and sunflower oil, and cooks use separate fats without animal products.

What is the most eaten food in Austria? ›

Top 5 foods in Austria
  • Tafelspitz. This is possibly one of the most popular dishes that can be found in Austria, and the name refers to the cut of meat which is known as the tri-tip. ...
  • Wiener Schnitzel. This dish is a thin, breaded and deep fried meat dish usually made from veal. ...
  • Wiener Würstchen. ...
  • Apfelstrudl. ...
  • Kaiserschmarrn.
Mar 16, 2017

What do Austrians eat for breakfast? ›

Breakfast is of the "continental" type, usually consisting of bread rolls with either jam or cold meats and cheese, accompanied by coffee, tea or juice.

What is the most popular meal in Austria? ›

Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel, which translates to 'Viennese cutlet' in German, is one of Austria's most important national dishes. In fact, it is so synonymous with the country that its name is protected by law; it can only be called Wiener Schnitzel when made with veal.

Which country has healthiest vegetarian food? ›

World's most vegetarian-friendly countries
  • Taiwan. ...
  • United Kingdom. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Austria. ...
  • Switzerland. ...
  • Australia. ...
  • Canada. ...
  • United States. Increasing number of people in the United States have adopted plant-based diets for health, environmental, and ethical reasons.
Oct 30, 2023

Which country is pure vegetarian? ›

India is ranked top in the world with 38% of the total population being vegetarian. Vegetarianism in the region became popular after the introduction of Buddhism and Jainism, which was around the 6th Century BC. In Israel, 13% of the population is vegetarian.

Which country has tastiest vegetarian food? ›

Countries that serve some of the best vegetarian food
  • Countries with the best vegetarian food.
  • India. What better country than India to start this list with?! ...
  • Singapore. Though it is barely half the size of Los Angeles, Singapore scores stunningly big when it comes to vegetarian food. ...
  • Jamaica. ...
  • Ethiopia. ...
  • Israel. ...
  • Thailand.

What percentage of Austria is vegan? ›

Following the analysis, the figures show that Austria is leading the way in veganism, with the vegan population rising from 3% to 5% since 2021. Notably, 7% of Gen Z respondents claimed to eat a purely plant-based diet. Germany follows close behind, with 4% of the population identifying as vegans.

What is the vegan capital of Europe? ›

Berlin, Germany

A dream come true for vegan enthusiasts, the German city is truly the capital of Europe's cruelty free cuisine. You'll be spoilt for choice in Berlin with its plethora of vegan eateries, clothes shops and grocery stores.

Do Austrians eat a lot of meat? ›

To say that Austrians love their meat would be a huge understatement. And while chicken, beef, turkey, and goose are all popular choices, pork is used extensively in Austrian cuisine; and in a variety of ways. It can be served as cold cuts of ham, smoked bacon (Speck), or cut sausages as part of breakfast.

Which country is known for vegan food? ›

Israel: This country's capital city, Tel Aviv, is titled the “vegan capital of the world”. Apart from Tel Aviv, you'll find vegan alternatives and markets in lots of different small towns of Israel serving superb vegan fare.


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