Where To Buy Vegan Yorkshire Puddings In The UK (Plus, Recipes To Make Them Yourself) (2024)

Veganism in the UK has grown exponentially, leading to a surge in demand for plant-based versions of classic British dishes. One such beloved dish is the Yorkshire pudding. Here, we guide you through the best places to buy vegan Yorkshire puddings in the UK, ensuring that everyone can enjoy this traditional delight.

What are Yorkshire Puddings?

Yorkshire puddings originated in the county of Yorkshire in northern England. They date back to the 18th century and were initially known as “dripping pudding,” a reference to the meat drippings used in their preparation. The first known recipe appeared in 1737 in a book titled “The Whole Duty of a Woman.” By 1747, the dish had been renamed “Yorkshire pudding” by Hannah Glasse, who featured it in her cookbook “The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy.” They are traditionally served with roast beef (find out how to make a vegan roast beef here) and gravy but in some regions of the UK, they are even eaten as a dessert with sweet toppings like jam or custard.

Why are Yorkshire Puddings not Vegan?

The reason why Yorkshire pudding is not vegan lies in its core ingredients. The classic recipe for Yorkshire pudding calls for eggs, milk, and sometimes beef dripping, all of which are animal-derived products. The traditional Yorkshire pudding recipe relies heavily on these ingredients, making it incompatible with veganism. Eggs in the batter contribute to the leavening and binding, while milk adds to the richness of the pudding. Replacing these ingredients while maintaining the dish’s integrity has in the past been a challenge for those seeking plant-based alternatives.

But now, things are looking up. We’re using plant-based milks like almond, soy, oat, and rice to bring that rich, traditional taste. For the egg part, we’ve got chickpea flour, flaxseeds, or even special egg replacers that do the job just right. The hard work of food researchers and developers has been key in making these vegan puddings just like the originals.

Plant-based eaters no longer have to miss out on Yorkshire puddings

There are now a handful of delicious vegan Yorkshire pudding options that are sure to satisfy vegans and non-vegans alike. And, various recipes to make dairy-free and egg-free Yorkshire puddings at home.

Whether you’re planning on serving them for a particular holiday dinner, or just a classic Sunday roast, you can’t go wrong with vegan Yorkshire pudding. Why not pair them with some vegan turkey, roast potatoes, and pigs in blankets too?

Where to buy vegan Yorkshire puddings in the UK

While you can find vegan versions of most foods in UK supermarkets, the plant-based Yorkshire pudding market hasn’t quite caught up yet.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find them easily in many shops, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


Where To Buy Vegan Yorkshire Puddings In The UK (Plus, Recipes To Make Them Yourself) (1)

Mabel’s Foods was founded in 2019 by vegans Lauren Hurley and Sophie Gorecki. According to their website, the pair claim to have “nailed” the classic Yorkshire pudding recipe without using any animal ingredients.

The homemade puds come frozen, and can be delivered UK-wide. (There are gluten-free options too!).

You can order Mabel’s vegan Yorkshire puddings online, or visit one of 20 retailers that stocks them.Some proceeds go towards Silver Fox Dog Rescue, a charity that rescued Alan, Mabel’s “Chief Barketing Officer” from the streets of Romania. He was later adopted by Hurley and Gorecki.

Plantside Cafe

Where To Buy Vegan Yorkshire Puddings In The UK (Plus, Recipes To Make Them Yourself) (2)

This vegan-owned family business in Somerset is known for its handmade frozen Yorkshire puddings. They’re made with a soy base, and feature iron, protein, and vitamins B2, B12, and D2.

You can pick them up in person or order them online from Mighty Plants. Stockists in Brighton, Birmingham, Bournemouth, London, Nottingham, North Shields, Norwich, and Wellington offer them too. Visit Plantside’s website for more information.

Ella’s Vegan Yorky Puds

Prepared in the heart of Yorkshire, where the iconic Yorkshire pudding was first dreamt up hundreds of years ago, Ella’s Vegan Yorky Pud mix allows you to whip up your own batch at home. The mixtures are available in a range of flavors, including Bacon, Cheese & Chives, Herby Mustard, and Rosemary & Thyme.

They’re made using chickpeas and yellow split peas, and offer calcium, iron, and niacin. There are gluten-free options, too.

Visit the website to place an order. Twenty pence from every packet sold goes towards Miracle’s Mission, a non-profit that rehabilitates and rehomes injured, sick, and disabled dogs. The same charity rescued Ella, whom inspired the Yorkshire pudding brand’s name, from Egypt, where she was found with a broken spine and legs. (She’s now living her best life in England in her loving fur-ever home.)

Cherub Foods

Where To Buy Vegan Yorkshire Puddings In The UK (Plus, Recipes To Make Them Yourself) (4)

Cherub Foods offers vegan Yorkshire puddings, a pack of 4 for £3.99 on its website. Based in North England, the company was founded by Zoe, a plant-based chef known for her ability to create mouth-watering, eco-friendly dishes. The brand’s range, including vegan Yorkshire puddings, is designed to be simple and quick to prepare. Cherub Foods emphasizes never compromising on taste, offering “comforting little luxuries” that represent a kinder choice both for individuals and the planet

How to make vegan Yorkshire puddings: best recipes to try

A number of vegan and plant-based chefs have also shared their hugely popular vegan Yorkshire pudding recipes online.


Run by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, plant-based recipe creator BOSH! is quickly achieving icon status in the vegan scene.

Firth and Theasby say they worked “tirelessly” to perfect their vegan Yorkshire pudding recipe, which they describe as a “real doozy.”

See the full recipe here

A Virtual Vegan

This recipe from best-selling author Melanie McDonald creates Yorkshire puddings that are “tall and crispy” with “golden sides and slightly gooey bottoms.”

There’s also an option to make them gluten-free.

See the full recipe here

Healthy Living James

Another contender for the gluten-free eaters among us, food-blogger James Wythe has created easy-to-make Yorkshire pudding that use just a few ingredients.

He says he perfected it over the course of five years, and you don’t need any egg replacer to make them.

Find the full recipe here

This article was originally published on December 23, 2022. It was last updated on December 19, 2023.

Where To Buy Vegan Yorkshire Puddings In The UK (Plus, Recipes To Make Them Yourself) (2024)


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